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Brand: Ttouch

The TTouch harness is the only harness on the market carrying the TTouch branding and unlike most harnesses that have just one point of contact, the harness has a ring at the front and a choice of two rings on the back for attaching the lead, making it both versatile and practical.

By clipping a leash to the front of the harness instead of a collar, tension is reduced on the dog’s neck and back, helping to influence the dog’s balance and centre of gravity (thus improving gait and posture). Control is maintained simply by giving a gentle ask and release signal to the lead clipped to the front of the harness.

As posture and behaviour are linked, teaching a dog to walk calmly and in balance when on the lead can have a powerful effect on behaviour, reducing common problems such as leash frustration, excitability, pulling and so on.

The neck measurement should match your collar size, the body size is the measurement around the girth. If you are unsure of the size required please contact me before ordering.

Extra Small
Neck 27cm - 33cm Body Piece 34cm - 48cm

Neck 33cm - 43cm Body Piece 38cm - 54cm

Neck 40cm - 60cm Body Piece 48cm - 71cm

Neck 50cm - 70cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm

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