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Pooch Pouch by Popware is a handy dog treat pouch which is perfect for carrying training treats for your dog, it's what I use in all my training sessions and 1-2-1's.

Use at home or at the park. No more greasy treats in your pocket or fumbling to access a treat quickly when rewarding your dog.

Made of memory silicone, it stays closed so the treats don't fall out. It is also non-porous and keeps oils and odours in.

The clip on the back means the treat bag is always exactly where you want it, it can be attached to a belt, trousers, coat pocket etc.

• Handy treat pouch
• Made of silicone
• Easy to use for training

Product size: 4.63" x 2.88" x 3.5"

All Dexas Popware products are made from certified food-safe materials that are dishwasher safe and are lightweight and durable.

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